Tab Circular and Square Work Table H 66,1 cm

Joquer Trabajocircular Drawing

Tab work tables are 66.1 cm high. Their height is excellent for working and holding meetings seated in sofas, armchairs and ottomans with a relaxed posture.
This combination of elements facilitates the creation of work spaces that promote creativity and communication.
Tab work tables include circular and square tops in a wide variety of finishes, and they offer a choice between cross-shaped and superellipse-shaped bases.

Joquer Tab Square Work
Joquer Tab Round Work

Suggested colors and materials


  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal
  • Acabados Roble Oscuro Dark stained oak
  • Acabados Nogal Americano American walnut
  • Acabados Lacado Mate Matt lacqued
  • Acabados Marmol Marble
  • Acabados Tapizado 2 Fibre



Bases Tabwork 661 Ing A

Top 85

Tops Tab Coffe 465 85 A
Mario Ruiz