Serene Armchair

Joquer Serene B Drawing

Above all, the Serene colection is versatility and personalisation. Its modular configuration permits a choice of two types of seat structure: a suspended base or an upholstered base that reaches the floor. There are also two different seat depths and two back cushion heights. In addition, functional wooden elements can be added such as side tables and shelves joined to the base, with different finishes. The continuous arms and back form a cosy, organic piece, with a visible seam finish.

Joquer Serene 08
Joquer Serene 09
Joquer Senso 10
Joquer Serene 05
Joquer Serene 01

Suggested colors and materials


  • Chartres J192 140 Chartres J192 140
  • Lopi R015 140 Silver Lopi R015
  • Savane J240 140 Granit Savane J240


  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal


Armchairs 74 cm.

Serene Butacaing74 A

Armchairs 90 cm.

Serene Butacaing90 A
Mario Ruiz