Daily Contract System

Joquer Daily Contract Drawing

The Daily Contract system consists of sectioned sofas and modules, corner modules and extension modules, with or without back, allowing for the creation of different configurations.
The personality of Daily Contract is marked by its armrest that, integrated with the back, hugs the seat, conveying a welcoming, comfortable image.
Sofa configurations are suitable for greeting spaces, lounge areas and small private spaces in offices or hotel rooms.
Sofa configurations and modular configurations alike are suitable for creating L-, T-, U- and X-shape compositions. With the inclusion of armchairs and tables they can generate greeting spaces and lounges in hotels and offices.

Joquer Daily Sofa Contract

Suggested colors and materials


  • Maple 352 Maple 352
  • Messenger 77 Messenger 77
  • Step 61149 Step 61149


  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal
  • Acabados Roble Oscuro Stained oak
  • Acabados Nogal Americano Natural American
  • Acabados Lacado Mate Matt lacqued
  • Acabados Marmol Marble
  • Acabados Tapizado 2 Fibre


Sofas with 1 Arm

Dailycontract Sofas1Brazo A

Sofa without Arms

Dailycontract Sofas0Brazo A


Dailycontract Ottoman A

Sofa Corner with Ottoman

Dailycontract Rinconottoman A

Sofa Corner with Table

Dailycontract Rinconmesa A
Mario Ruiz