Serene Armchair

Joquer Serene B Drawing

The Serene armchair offers a choice between two types of seat construction: suspended base or base upholstered to the floor. A choice is also offered between two different seat widths. Its continuous arms and back form an organic, welcoming piece topped with a visible seam.

Joquer Serene 08
Joquer Serene Butaca
Joquer Serene Butaca 01

Suggested colors and materials


  • Canvas 114 Canvas 114
  • Harald 212 Harald 212
  • Savane 234 Savane 234


  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal


74 cm. armchairs

Serene Butacaing74 A

90 cm. armchairs

Serene Butacaing90 A
Mario Ruiz