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The flexible, versatile spirit of the Senso system allows you to create personalised combinations. It includes elements such as upholstered ledge-like side tables built into the structure, backless seats or modules, and two different arm and back heights that can be combined in one sofa. The seat cushions are made up of a mix of foam and fibre.

W Prod Senso 02
W Prod Senso 01
W Prod Senso 09
W Prod Senso 04
W Prod Senso 0009 Capa 4
W Prod Senso 11
W Prod Senso 10
W Prod Senso 08
W Prod Senso 05
W Prod Senso 06
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Suggested colors and materials


  • Lopi R015 140 Silver Lopi R015
  • Nuvola 203 Elefante Nuvola 203 Elefante
  • Savane J239 140 Silver Savane J239


  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal



Sensoba Sofas A

Sofas with 1 arm

Senso Ba 02

Sofas without arms

Sensoba Sofas0Brazo A


Sensoba Rincon A

Chaise Longue

Senso Ba 05


Sensobb Ottomans A
Mario Ruiz

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