Daily Sofa

Joquer Daily Drawing

Daily’s personality is marked by its characteristic armrest, integrated into the back, and the double seam that gives shape to both elements. It has legs formed by a double tube with an L-shaped circular cross-section and a metallised finish.

Joquer Daily 01
Joquer Daily 02
Joquer Daily 03
Joquer Daily 04

Suggested colors and materials


  • Fame 60005 Fame 60005
  • Messenger 4 C0046 Messenger 4 46
  • Savane J239 140 Silver Savane J239


  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal



Daily Sofas A

Sofas with 1 arm

Daily Sofas1Brazo A


Daily Rincon A

Chaise longue

Daily Chaiselongue A
Mario Ruiz