Joquer Venice C Drawing

With its simple language and classic inspiration, Venice has a reduced depth dimension that allows it to adapt well to small spaces. There are two versions of this sofa: with a visible base or with a skirt. In the exposed base version there is a choice of four wooden legs or a metal frame. Furthermore, the collection has two different-sized armchair models.

Joquer Venice 03
Joquer Venice B2 05
Joquer Venice 13

Suggested colors and materials


  • Elmobaltique 3412036 Elmobaltique 12036
  • Lopi R019 140 Sand Lopi R019
  • Savane J238 140 Canvas Savane J238


  • Acabados Ldpe Negro Black LDPE
  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal


Visible base armchairs

Venice Butaca Contract Bv Mesa De Trabajo 1

Fabric cover armchair

Venice Butaca Contract Bf Mesa De Trabajo 1
Mario Ruiz