Joquer Magnus Drawing

The Magnus collection reinterprets a classic archetype with thick arms. Its design is focused on alleviating certain parts such as the single seat cushion, or the profile of the arm, using subtle geometry that unequivocally expresses the contemporary nature of the item.

Joquer Magnus 06
Joquer Magnus 10

Suggested colors and materials


  • Elmobaltique 3491035 Elmobaltique 91035
  • Lopi R015 140 Silver Lopi R015


  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal
  • Acabados Roble Oscuro Dark stained oak
  • Acabados Roble Natural oak
  • Acabados Roble Ceniza Grey oak


Visible base armchairs

Magnus Butacaing95 A

Fabric cover armchairs

Magnus Butaca Bf Mesa De Trabajo 1
Mario Ruiz