Depart 3 Sofa

Joquer Depart3 Contract Drawing

The Depart 3 collection includes two- and three-seater sofas.
Its dimensions and design with rounded forms convey quality and comfort in work spaces and hotels.
Combined with other elements from the Depart 3 and Depart 21 systems, it can respond to transition, collaborative, personal and private space needs.

Joquer Depart3 Sofa 02
Joquer Depart3 Sofa 01
Joquer Depart3 Sofa

Suggested colors and materials


  • Savane J239 140 Silver Savane J239
  • Repetto 01301 Repetto 01301
  • Step Melange 60004 Step Melange 60004


  • Acabados Ldpe Negro Black LDPE



Depart3 Sofas A
Mario Ruiz