Depart 3 System

Joquer Depart3 Sistema Contract Drawing

Modular system comprised of straight and curved elements, with or without back and with power modules. This system allows for the creation of multiple configurations, responding to all spaces required in work environments and hotels.
The system’s dimensions and its design with rounded forms convey quality and comfort in transition, collaborative, lounge, personal and private spaces.

Joquer Depart3 07
Joquer Depart3 05
Joquer Depart3 06
Joquer Depart3 04
Joquer Depart3 03
Joquer Depart3 02
Joquer Depart3 01
Joquer Depart3 08
Joquer Departcurved System
Joquer Depart Curved Intro

Suggested colors and materials


  • Step 63082 Step 63082
  • Swing 52005 Swing 52005
  • Valencia 107 6003 Valencia 107 6003


  • Acabados Ldpe Negro Black LDPE


Elements without arms

Depart3 Sofas0Brazos A

Elements with 1 arm

Depart3 Sofas1Brazos A

Corner element

Depart3 Rincon A

Terminal element

Depart3 Elementoterminal A


Depart3 Ottoman A

Curved elements with back

Depart3 Elementocurvo A

Curved ottoman

Depart3 Ottomancurvo A
Mario Ruiz