Venice Armchair

Joquer Venice B Drawing

With a simple language and classic inspiration, the Venice collection has a size of reduced depth to adapt to small spaces. There are two armchair models of varying sizes available, both of which may have an open or skirted base. With regard to the open base, a choice is available of either four wooden legs or a metal frame.

Joquer Venice Butaca 01
Joquer Venice Butaca

Suggested colors and materials


  • Capture 04101 Capture 04101
  • Harald 772 Harald 772
  • Maple 832 Maple 832


  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal
  • Acabados Roble Natural oak


71 cm. armchair

Venicebv Butacaing71 A

78 cm. armchair

Venicebv Butacaing78 A
Mario Ruiz