Butaca Deck

Joquer Deck B2 Drawing

The Deck collection is a play of contrasts between materials and forms. Its elegant, architecturally inspired wooden body is further highlighted thanks to the quality of the interior upholstery.

Joquer Deck Butaca
Joquer Deck 03

Suggested colors and materials


  • Canvas 224 Canvas 224
  • Step 61149 Step 61149
  • Swing 51706 Swing 51706


  • Acabados Manganeso Manganese Metal
  • Acabados Roble Oscuro Dark stained oak
  • Acabados Nogal Americano American walnut
  • Acabados Tapizado 2 Fibre


Upholstered Exterior

74 cm. armchair

Deckt Butacaing74 A

90 cm. armchair

Deckt Butacaing90 A
Mario Ruiz